The Steri-Wand | Portable UV Sterilization Light | KILL CORONAVIRUS

The Steri-Wand | Portable UV Sterilization Light | KILL CORONAVIRUS

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  • *Due to COVID-19 please allow for 2 weeks for your Steri-Wand to arrive* 


    YES! Our sterilizer kills Corona Virus!

  • YES! It is portable!  It's the size of a cell phone, so you can bring it with you and use it wherever you go.

  • YES! Our wand is UVC light with a wavelength of 220 - 260 nm. (Super Powerful)

  • YES! It is simple to use. Simply shine the UV light over any surface for around 10-60 seconds to eradicate 99.9% of pathogens.



    No harmful chemicals, just a simple UVC light formula that eradicates germs, bacteria, and viruses, without the toxic chemicals present in spray disinfectants.


    Our UV Sterilizing Wand is perfect for using on any surface or item, from your child's stuffed animals, to your phone, to everyday items, to your most prized possessions.


    Being smaller than a phone when folded, you can comfortably bring our UV Sanitizing Wand with you on the go. Fits right in your purse or pocket!


    *Does not include rechargeable AAA Batteries


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